1. Why did we choose pipeless technology?
Pro Spa chose Sanijet "pipeless" technology because it allowed nail technicians to easily maintain their pedicure spas at the highest level of sanitation without having to spend a fortune on cleaning products. The difference with pipeless technology is that the cleaning is quick (less than 5 min), simple (no special tools required) and 100% complete.
The term "pipeless" refers to the spa's whirlpool system. Plumbing is still required. Once the basin is filled with water, it has to be circulated by some sort of whirlpool mechanism. Instead of using a water pump and a maze of PVC pipes (i.e. standard whirlpool system), Sanijet's "pipeless" system uses a unitized jet/filter device that is operated by its own independent motor. The jet/filter device is composed of an impellar cap housed on the open end of its casing with the motor attached behind it. A shaft attached to the motor is what turns the impellar inside the impellar cap. This action suctions water through the exposed end of the impellar cap (which also happens to be the filter screen) and into the jet casing. As it bounces off the back of the jet casing, the water current is forced back in the opposite direction. The current is jetted through the center opening of the impellar cap and back into the basin.
3. How did we integrate it into our spas?
Pro Spa, Inc. was launched in June of 2003 as a manufactures specializing in building only "pipeless" pedicure spas. We designed our spas around the Sanijet whirlpool system, so there was no retro-fitting of old spa designs to accommodate the new technology. All of our spas come with two "pipeless" jets that circulate water at a rate of 18 gallons per minute, per jet. Each jet is powered by its own independent motor. There are two speed settings for the jets, which are activated and adjusted by an air switch. Each jet/filter assembly and motor can be removed from the basin with a screwdriver.
4. How to clean and maintain the whirlpool system?
We recommend that the impellar caps be removed for cleaning after each use. Most , if not all, state cosmetology boards require that standard piped systems be flushed out with a water and bleach or sanitizing solution for 15-20 min. between services. They also required that the filter screens on those systems be removed at the end of the day( once a week for some states) for scrubbing.
To clean our "pipeless" system, the technician removes the impellar caps by simply twisting them out of the jet casings. The impellar caps can be disassembled further with another twist to expose every wetted surface. A brush or towel is used to remove debris from the impellar caps, jet casings and basin. A convenient hand sprayer is available for quick removal of debris as well. The next step is to spray those surfaces with a disinfecting solution and wipe them clean. Any EPA approved disinfecting solution is okay. The impellar caps can be re-assembled very quickly and placed back into the jet casings. The entire system can be thoroughly sanitized in five minutes.
Water can be drained 100% from the whirlpool system, and every wetted component can be accessed for scrubbing. The National Sanitation Foundation recently confirmed that Sanijet's "pipeless" system can be completely cleaned and disinfected, even if cleaning has been neglected. So far, only the Sanijet's system has been given this distinction.
5. What are the benefits of this system?
-Noise, associated with standard water pumps, is reduced to just the therapeutic sound of splashing water.
-Extra interchangeable impellar caps allow technicians to switch out the used ones with pre-sanitized ones, thereby reducing cleaning time while reassuring clients.
-Reduces the cost of having to purchase expensive spa cleaning products, which were really meant for piped whirlpool systems. Pipeless systems required much smaller amounts of cleaning solutions. Simple products such as Barbacide, Sanigaurd, or even bleach diluted with water are just as effective.

-Repair or replacement of our whirlpool motors doesn't required the costly services of a plumber.

-The whirlpool system can be maintained at its highest level of sanitation for as long as you own it.
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2. What is "pipeless" means? How does the system work?
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